Niki Lambropoulos

Niki Lampropoulou (Lambropoulos) is an author and Public Speaker, Collective Intelligence Expert, External Evaluator for European / National Projects / Proposals, QA and Senior Consultant, Projects Manager/Coordinator in European – National Projects; Innovation Entrepreneurship Consultant; Technology Enhanced Learning – Human Computer InteractionI Education Researcher and eLearning Architect.
She is PRINCE2 Project Management qualified, in London UK. She finished her PhD in HCI Education at the Centre for Interactive Systems Engineering, London South Bank University. She was born in Ancient Olympia, Greece. She holds two BAs and a Diploma in Education from the University of Athens, and an MA in ICT in Education from the Institute of Education, University of London. She has worked as a Greek language teacher, an ICT teacher, ICT Coordinator and European Projects Manager and Consultant, Researcher, Innovation Manager and e-tutor, HCI Education Designer and Researcher, consultant and evaluator. She has worked as an independent European Projects Manager, external Evaluator, Senior Consultant, QA expert and Researcher, also working in R&D for Immersive Worlds in Computing/Education Departments, University of Patras, Greece and CRINTE, the University of Western Macedonia, Greece. Her main interest is in Collective Intelligence Theory, Systems and ways we teach CI. She has published widely in her areas of interest and is an active public speaker in English/Greek.

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Quantum Creativity: the Possibility for Human Super Cognition

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