Luigi Campanella

Degree in Chemistry and qualified as chemist on 1961.
University teaching qualification for Electrochemistry.
Stabilised in charge Professor of "Practice Industrial Chemistry II" and then of "Practice of Applied Chemical Analysis"  at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome from 1967 to 1980.
Full Professor of "Analytical Chemistry" at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome since 1980 and of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry since 2003.Also Professor of "Agricultural Chemistry" and then "Soil Chemistry since 1994, of "Restoration Chemistry" since 1998 andof Food Chemistry since 2003 at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome.
President of the Council of the Industrial Chemistry Course from 1981 to 1983
Head of the Chemistry Department in the period 1983-86.
Director of the Ph.D. course in Chemical Science at  the University of Rome.
Dean of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Science of "La Sapienza" University of Rome from 1988 to 1994.
Author of about 500 publications in the field of Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Analytical Biotechnology. Particularly he set characterised and applied many biosensors, based on immobilised enzymes or vegetal tissues, to determine compounds of clinical, pharmacological and environmental interest. These let him to participate as a member to the CEE Research Group on "Biosensor". He also studied the application of chemical and biological procedures for the remediation of polluted (by surfactants, hydrocarbons, pesticides, heavy metals) civil and industrial wastes.
He participated at about 500 national and international Congresses.
Author of five books in the fields of Analytical Chemistry,Applied and Industrial Chemistry,Phylosophy of Chemistry,Chemistry of Cultural Heritage
President of the Division "Analytical Chemistry" of the Italian Chemistry Society from 1989 to 1990 and of the Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry Division since 2004 till 2006
Vice President of the Italian Chemistry Society from 1990 to 1992.
President of MUSIS (Museum of Science and Scientific Technology) in 1991.
Scientific adviser of Rome mayor from 1993 to 1997.
Visit Scientist in Russia (MOSCOW University and Museum), Poland (Warsaw University), Canada (Moncton University), China (Pechino Environmental Sciences Institute), USA (Oak Ridge Labs), Tunisia (Tunis City of Science), Cuba (L’Avana University).
Representant of Italy in IUPAC (International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry)
Member of EUCHEM,American Chemical Society,AOAC
Responsible of Internationsal Research Agreement withL’Avana University Faculty of Sciences,with Lomonosov (Moscow)University Center of Eco Health
Member of various Study Commissions in CNR (National Research Council), MURST (Ministry of the University and of Scientific and Technological Research), ENEA (New Technology, Energy and Environmental Agency), between which the Infrastructure, Innovative Materials and Chemistry Committee of MURST, the Metals Group of Water Research Institute of CNR
Winner of International Capire Prize for a creative future on 1994 , of the European E.I.P. (School as instrument of peace) Prize on 1996 and of the Prize Science for Peace (Convention 2005)
Gold Medal 2003 of the Environmental Chemistry Division of Italian Chemical Society.
2007 Liberti Medal of Italian Chemical Society
Winner of Croce Prize 2008 for Alternative methods to experiments on animals 
Winner of Anassilaos Prize 2009 for Scientific Research

Registrazione al tribunale di Roma N° 3/2004 del 14/01/2004