Claudio Catalano

Claudio Catalano was born in Adelaide ( Australia) in 1967. He moved to Italy in the 1970s and got his degree in Architecture at the Federico II University of Naples. Since the 1990s he as been working in the Architectural design sector both nationally and internationally field in London Moscow and Dubai. He supports a classical planning outlook with theoretic research based on the union between art and science, taking the viewpoint of an integration of man in reality as a poly-sensory involvement. He is a member of the open network or New science & Art and a founder of “claudio catalano Architettura & Design”, an architectural design firm based in Bari (Italy) specializing in architecture, interior design, master planning and sustainable design, supporting the production of new ideas and technologies in the sphere of interactive materialsand technologies suitable for the development of spaces and poly-sensory objects.

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Il tempo molteplice
I sandali di Einstein

Registrazione al tribunale di Roma N° 3/2004 del 14/01/2004