Final paper



   Diplomacy of Contemporary China 

Professor Su Hao



In this paper the recent APEC1 meeting held in Beijing from the 5th to 11th November 2014 will be discussed. Following a brief introduction on the history and the role of the APEC summits, the key importance of the East Asian region is to be examined. In particular I will focus on the significance that this area takes on for both China and the United States. Indeed, on one hand, because of historical and socio-economic reasons, China is likely to end up being the stakeholder in this area. However, on the other hand, since he came to office, Obama has stressed the importance of the East Asian region for the security of the US. This has been underscored by the fact that he paid visit to Thailand at the beginning of his second term.2  At the end of the paper, a conclusion will be drawn over which one of these two countries is more likely to become the key player in the region.

APEC:  is Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, official website of the APEC, available at


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