Nowadays,  doesn’t really matter so much where do you come from but what is becoming a very urgent need  is to know where we are really going.
Although our own origin has become less significant than in the old days,  for a better growth of the individual it is quite important  the experiences one has been able to live, and in my personal case coming from the last country of South America, Chile, it means that I have been obliged to open my eyes, my mind, and my heart to listen to other cultures, to another way of looking at things, to other ways of communication between people.  

Behind us we have centuries of knowledge, science, experience that have guided humans with long periods of wisdom and wellness, Renaissance being one the most famous because of the great impulse given to science and arts – think of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo -, and the  dissemination of ideas  which have made significant changes in our day by day life and with dark and cruel period  that had made us to loose completely our self respect.

As a rather recent dark period we can mention, one of all Primo Levi’s “If this is a man”. Or, even more recent,  we can recall the ferocious Pinochet’s dictatorship in my country, where books were burnt in the street and lots of people went abroad for different reasons: some of them had to leave the country as the only way to preserve their life, others because it was the only way of going on with their lives as individuals, meaning mainly with the freedom to choose, the access to knowledge and to socially relate to whom you prefer.  

It is impossible not to connect all these with what is call the “economical part of life” that conditions the real possibilities of realizing what is needed to follow your personal path in the middle of  this global world we are living on. And the economical crisis we are living can be seen from several points of view.

My very concrete and strictly personal way of looking at it is that we need a completely new system to regulate our life, a system that not necessarily has to be capitalism, or socialism, or whatever, without disturbing Thomas Piketty, or Jeremy Rifkins, or Serge Latouche,  but it has to be a system that is based in the real needs of people. And that considered people not as a mass without identity but a mass formed by persons, coming from every single country in the world with the same aspirations of self realization.

I’m saying all this speaking as a child, trying to keep the same clarity, simplicity and genuine hope a child can have. This is why I’m trying to look with a child’s eyes. 


Major changes in our society are said to have been inspired directly by war or sexuality. They are supposed to be the motor to move our imagination and as a consequence technological innovation follow this imprinting, developing mainly with the subtle intention to attack or at the most to defend oneself.

I think the moment has arrived to conceive with a new spirit that it should be the sharing with equal benefit for every single part that participates to the operation of acting. And this should happen in every context: technological innovation, arts, social communication, business, public and private, education, and so on.


If the interest of each one would be the human wellness as a whole, although this could be an absolute difficulty of implementation, I would rather have the chance to try.