N°98 June 2015


This time we were a bit ‘late, but perhaps expected with a little’ optimism that world events would become more positive. Without surrender, and with the awareness that it takes much more time for this to happen, we decide to put online all of these thoughts and reflections written by people who in the vast majority hope for a better world. The intention is to give the tools to understand, comprehend, disseminate, illuminate, discuss, and go on doing so many battles.


Articles in this issue:

“Stay” by Giuseppe Monti. Using as a starting point of the fire disaster at the Terminal of the airport of Fiumicino in Rome, the author explains what is it really the BCP (Business Continuity Plan).

“Interview with Roberto Vacca” by Marisol Barbara Herreros. With great pleasure I present this brief but significant interview with Prof. Ing. Roberto Vacca, on the occasion of his 88th birthday.

“About Welfare” by Antonio Angioni. Starting from welfare experienced in the past in our country (see Olivetti, Ferrero, Piaggio, Marzotta, etc. and the industrial cities) the author comes to the present day in a reflection on welfare in Italy.

“The Voluntary Disclosure” by Lucio Maria Brunozzi. The article clearly states the law 15 December 2014 n. 186, which provides a voluntary collaboration (Voluntary Disclosure) aimed at the tax regularization of assets illegally held abroad and its consequences.

“The flexibility in the work” of Walter Zanuzzi. Hypothesis for a new social model and its implication for the Italian taking into account a number of real variables in our society.

“The natural history of empowerment in the company through the TRAININGCOACHING®” Francesco di Coste. The article written in collaboration with V.Balbi, A.Lorusso, D.Mattoni presents the Learning Community ICTF, their methods, objectives and interventions effective in 78 Italian companies for Organizational Climate inadequate.

“Communicating natural communication me to me (know thyself)” by Franco Marmello. Continue to make us travel with the Mental Dynamics, a journey into fantasy designed to relax the mind to prepare for new challenges, very well guided.

“Less than I: a political proposal” by Paolo Cervari. Article interesting especially in a time when in our country the word honesty is not naturally turn to the word politics, with a final proposal.

“Turkey and the Armenian Genocide” by Eugenio Campo. At the root of the words spoken by Pope Francis, the author analyzes this thorny issue and concluded “Italy can and must play a more decisive push for the normalization with Armenia in one of the few areas that were to implement an independent foreign policy, and not just cautious statements in Turkish fear of retaliation. “

“Good bye Fouad” by Vincenzo Porcasi. A heartfelt greeting friend of many battles fought together with Khaled Fouad Allam and a “thanks for explaining, as Aristotelian thought the Arab and Islamic world is based on love and mercy, poetry kind, the joy of living and so on conviviality scipioniana”.

“FRIENDLY COMPETITION” Transdisciplinarity and cultural growth for the youth team “ Paolo Manzelli. A proposal for innovation paths between Modern Art and the frontiers of contemporary science and the creative crafts. In the article you will find all the information necessary for participation.

“Song of Love for Iris Murdoch” Laura Lambiase Prophet. The English writer known mostly for his book “Under the net” is a pretext, strong,for  Laura Lambiase to expose us his philosophy of life.


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