“We are still on the threshold to fully understand the complex relationship between light and life, but now we can say with great force that the function of all our metabolism depends on Bio-photons”
                                                              – Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, (1976)


EGOCREANET NGO, Incubator of the University of Florence has the idea of creating a multidisciplinary meeting in Florence c / o Academy of Georgofili (*), Florence, on Thursday , 28th September 2017 on the topic :

<Energy for Life: Bio-photons in Agriculture, Nutrition and Health>

The initiative will develop an innovative cultural dimension of biophysical research in relation to the importance of the weak spontaneous and coherent emission of the light that characterizes the cellular communication of all living systems.

Bio-photons communication is a transdisciplinary frontier area, covering the amplitude of non-thermal effects of quantum electromagnetic fields on biological systems, which today has a major impact on innovative applications in the fields of biology, agriculture, pharmacology and medicine and also in environmental sciences and food technology.

Main topics of discussion:

Bio-photons are spontaneously emitted quantum of the light in the UV and Visible spectrum (200-800 nm) from all living systems and serve as information-oriented communication to harmonize cellular metabolism and make it efficient in the prevention of wellness and the health.

Bio-photons generated by DNA can interact remotely with hormones, enzymes and other cellular operators by making them functional in relation to a first code transmitted by contact with RNA, but also by biophotonic information signals that are converted into pulses in order to address the various biological functions that are the foundation of vital processes

Bio-photons in plants, after exposure to sunlight for producing photosynthesis, after a delay of 2 to 200 seconds, act actively to coordinate seed germination, root growth, flower growth and leaves, and other cells functional changes. Therefore, the stimulation of the bio-photon communication network is considered important for the integration with epigenetic information, in order to improve the efficiency of agricultural production animal nutrition and human health.

The “Georgofili Conference in Florence” (*) – see in: http://www.georgofili.it/detail.asp?IDN=1&IDSezione=10, will be organized by Egocreanet and collaborators, on the “28th September 2017”, aiming to activate a transparent cross-disciplinary confrontation between scientists, agronomists, medical doctors and entrepreneurs and journalists, all interested in promoting the most advanced frontiers of research knowledge on: “Bio-photons and Energy for Life”.

In this phase of promoting the initiative, we seek for collaborators and sponsors to aggregate the partners of the promotional  and scientific committee.
Interested parties can write an email to: <egocreanet2016@gmail.com>

NB. Till now (05/05/2017) get the adhesion to the Promotional commiteee :

    Paolo Manzelli, President of Egocreanet (NGO )
    Marcello Traversi , V.Pres. of Egocreanet
    Daniela Biganzoli (Scienza ed Arte ) Collaborator of Egocreanet
    Andrea Battiata, Agronomo ( Orto bioattivo)  Collaborator of Egocreanet.
    Franco Musumeci e Agata Scordino, Universita di Catania (resarch on Biofotons)
    Franco Canestrari, Istituto Tumori -Roma
    Vincenzo Schettino, Prof. Emerito. Dip Chimica Universita di Firenze


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NB: See also Conference: Sept. 11-15, 2017 – Siracusa: https://agenda.infn.it/event/LACE17;