Invitation by EGOCREANET (NGO-Italy);


Type of action: Coordination and Support Actions. 

Preliminary Proposal presented by NGO of R&D at the University of Florence.


N.B:→ Egocreanet is a NGO -Italian based organisation,  that promotes citizen science and responsible transdisciplinary projects around the world. → Egocreanet promoting the “Break “Project  look forward to find partners that would ameliorate a successful interactivity of  science and innovation for citizen in order that the involvement of ordinary people will  be more strongly  collaborate in responsible research and innovation. 



1. Title (Acronym + Full title)“BREAK “ + /-

“Break Barriers of “Social Responsibility of Science and Art” ).

“Break”, will be a European program of events open to a pause for reflection on the need to boost creativity socially responsible of Science and Art.


Break Program will organise public exhibitions and participatory events throughout the whole of Europe to engage citizens in advanced science understanding. Break Program Exhibitions and participatory events will be interactive and adapted to local/regional conditions (i.e.: use of relevant case-studies) and shall take place in the local languages. Exhibits shall provide material for dissemination of Responsibility Research Innovation Toolkit. Break Program will make use of existing multimedia and other relevant technology (e.g.: social media, virtual reality, scenarios, gaming, etc.) and shall employ inclusive participatory techniques to engage with multiple publics (children, youth, women, adults, and other relevant stakeholders).


2. Teaser

Rethinking Science : scientific research has changed the world. 

Now it needs to change itself with an higher responsibility.

→ The Break Project would  enhance innovative scenarios  of science with and for society, aiming to for improve new ideas, strategies and management for enhancing social creativity potential of citizen in Europe. The above goal will be implemented of about the fast-technological modernization of communication of advanced science and technology, looking to favor a more conscious and responsible foundations for improving human values in science research & innovation more adapted to building an open participatory future knowledge society. 


3. Aim

Science and innovations are often hidden behind simple buttons and patterns touchable with a finger. The Project would BREAK Barriers aiming to  improve  Social responsibility of science. A principal goal will be  to make explicit for young people to overcome the existing barriers between generation throughfor developing  a sense of conscious responsibility of the role of science in civilization of contemporary era. As a matter of facts often emerging technology contains high levels of complex science hidden behind the touch of a finger on a screen or press a button, causing difficulties in advanced science knowing for youth and in general for normal people.  So that the stimulus response behavior, activated by the touch of your fingers on screens or buttons, could generate high levels of un-consciousness. For example, the natural activity of sharing emotions developed by the “mirror neurons”, may be excluded using  the modern,ITC tools of a distance education.  These and other considerations involve a careful reflection on what systematically today tends to increase the irresponsibility of people living in a high technological-era.  The project Break would develop in Europe various cultural activities about science popularization and dissemination to counter the continuing gap of knowledge about advanced scientific discoveries. In that way the Break project may be the basis to strenght the knowledge of excellence in science and to advance the contemporary creativity of people to meet the demand and the expectation of understanding as it is necessary to improve a more disruptive and transformational innovation for improving  a responsible scenario of social change.  Therefore EGOCREANET offers to scientists and artists to participate in the Horizon project entitled “BREAK” to favor a responsible creativity focused to encouraging  a responsible contribution to overcoming the  contemporary economic and social crisis and rethinking  the future trends of knowledge in Europe. 


4. Goal

–> Ensuring responsible research and innovation, aligned with the values, needs and expectations of society;

–> Promote dialogue on the social responsibility of the role of science and innovation on overcoming the contemporary crisis. 

–> Stimulate and provoke public interest and engagement, excitement and debate about advancing creativity in science & society

–> Engage an European science community for improving RRI (Responsibility in Research and Innovation) with global partners and perspectives.

These Goal of the BREAK BARRIERS proposal will highlight and interrogate the interplay between science and society, the conditions that foster more responsibility of scientific and technological breakthroughs, processes of expected and unexpected discovery and application and the wider socio-cultural environment – including the contribution of creativity in education, innovation policy, investment, and funding mechanisms for improving the popularization of science and art communication oriented to understand future scientific advances.


5. Basic information

Premise: As we may see, till today technology have advanced quickly and significantly over the past two centuries. Often the “best” technology one day rapidly becomes “outdated” the next and is conveniently replaced with something “better” for made a lot of work both intellectual and manual simply pushing with a click of some buttons. It seems that nothing can stop humans desire for making more and more simplify technological advancements to substitute human work.

But what happen about human consciousness and social responsibility?

What about “human values and ethics”?  Has knowledge society advanced over the recent years?


6. Description of the research and reports of the project

RRI- BREAK Project first proposal by EGOCREANET- 02 FEB .-2015:

The BREAK project aim to better incorporate scientific knowledge societal values, needs and expectations in research and innovation. Actual RRI goals are evolving in a way that the future deliberate focus of research and the products of innovation will be more and better oriented to achieve a social or environmental benefit of RRI European strategy.


a) The consistent, ongoing involvement of society as useful to assessing and effectively prioritizing social, ethical and environmental impacts, risks and opportunities, both now and in the future, along-side the development of future knowledge economy.

b) Develop conscious creativity to anticipate and manage problems and opportunities which are also able to adapt and respond quickly to changing both environment and knowledge for a more secure and clean living in Europe.

c) Identify and implement the best systemic organizational and managerial approaches to increase the public responsible participation to remove obstacles and barriers to science & technology foresight to growth social benefits for all generations.


7. Description of the activities and teaching materials of the project

The overall contribution of the Break project would be focused on the following activities:

a) develop an in-depth understanding RRI relationships with societal problems ethical issues and dilemmas in conducting responsible research in science with and for society ;

b) provide of a set of recommendations and good practices, to be adopted by researches and managers teachers and students in a easy approach for including a large participation of citizen.

c) developing and the web-community and to create a self sustaining ‘Responsible Creativity Observatory’ serving as a community portal and providing free access to all outputs of the project.

d) favor a large Dissemination   various advanced transdisciplinary themes as those related to grand societal challenges – health, food, water, energy, climate,security, and creativity and innovation;

e) In particular a proposed section will be organized by by EGOCREANET to focus the transformational potential of “Quantum Neurology” and its applications to encompass the arts, social sciences and humanities as well as physical and life sciences, engineering and medicine.

f) Other Break activities will comprise a number of distinct programme tracks developed by European & international partners, these activities will be always oriented to promote public understanding about science -related to societal change.


8. RRI- Tool-Kit: Description of teaching materials, lesson plans, learning resources

The RRI Toolkit will be an innovative and creative set of tools comprising practical digital resources and actions aimed at raising awareness, training, disseminating for implementing the RRI state of the art.

Types of activities of Break Program will be:

–> Science programme of seminars, workshops exhibitions and Interactive sessions and debates on the latest research and related policy issues, structured around a programme of keynote speakers and the latest scientific and emerging technology issues.

–> FESTIVALS that showcases the best of European academic, public and private research for improving a great public engagement programme.


9.) Scientific issues : 

BREAK partnerschip will organise one great Festival of science as a public exhibitions and participatory events throughout  to engage citizens  (children, youth, women, adults, and other relevant stakeholders) in advanced science and technology to enhance and improve an higher knowledge dissemination integrated with an conscious sense of responsibility.

As EGOCREANET, we propose the following topics to organize with the partners of the project and stakehoders, some  conferences, workshpos and production of educational materials for the TOOL KIT or by other modes of diffusion and implementation of the project, aimed to encourage the development of social and cultural responsibility science and art in Europe.


Proposed scientific  themes:

1 “Neuroscience social responsibility” in order to promote creativity and health to allow the welfare of citizens.

2) “Synthetic Biology”: Scientific and ethical issues of creating new life and the future of biodiversity. What rational and irrational fears are at stake when the human being becomes the creator of new life forms created in the laboratory?

3) Topics of the frontier of “innovation in medicine” concerning the application of stem cells and nanotechnology.

4) Trans-disciplinay “nano-science  and future emerging technologies”.

5)  “Circular economy”,  to extend lifecycle thinking in eco-innovattion of design of production for better end-of-life recovery, improving  the biosphere safely and to minimise energy and primary products use.

6 ) Innovative Medicine. Health and data issues; Epidemics; Antimicrobial resistance; Humanitarian medicine; Healthy lifestyles and prevention; Health at different phases of life; Mental health; Microbiomes; Immunotherapy; Personalized medicine; Open science approaches to cut the cost of healthcare.

N:B: The list of the effective Working Plan in science topics will be chosen by the-Partnerhip.  (Thus these topics will take-up and further develop the information and training material produced by the RRI Toolkit developed by the Seventh Framework Programme project RRI Toolkit. ) 

8.) List of projects and reports to be taken in consideration:

1)- RRI-TOOLS :;


3) Gender Diversity:;

4) (FRRIICT):;,

5) Progress:


7) Biology Responsiblity:;



BREAK Project (*) . Full title:

– BREAK – BARRIERS for IMPROVING “Social Responsibility of Science”.

“The project is looking for partners who want to take BREAK dream and responsibility to promote future cultural choices by promoting a reciprocal exchange of ideas of science, art and innovation as the basis for a common trust in evolutionary creativity of humanity”.


Letter of Intent  ( In head paper) 

This LoI is a Template for Community Partners signed as a simple preliminary gentlement agreement to participate in the project BREAK as partner

(Name of Organization : )

The (Name of Scientific or Artist or Organization),

intend to participate as Partner in the project (Achronim of Project : BREAK ) that it is proposed by :

(Name of the Promoter : EGOCREANET :ONG -Florence -IT) )

See statute of the ONG (in Italian) in:

The (Partner- Organization ) will provide to an open collaboration with EGOCREANET to develop the project proposal till the date of its submission.

Date/ and Signature of Representative.

(Add the short profile of the partner’s Organization) 


Name of Scientific / Artist or Organization 

name of Representative: 

Name of Contact Person: 







NB: To date, ( 21th/APRIL/2015) the project partners sustaining the BREAK proposal are :

1) EGOCREANET (NGO) c-o Business incubator -University of Florence (IT) ;;

2) Departamento de Educación de la Theory, Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación y Philosophy,Institute of Educatiion Creativity, Avda. Blasco Ibañez, nº 30, (ES) Valencia; Contact: prof. Mª Carmen Moreno Bellver, telf. 96/386 4736, email. : <> in cooperation with the City of Science of Valencia (ES) 

3) The Museum of Chemistry Primo Levi University of Rome “La Sapienza” (IT):,; Contact: Prof.Luigi Campanella .mail: <>

4)  Festival della Scienza di Genova:; Contacts:< >