The idea has just dropped into my lap, the point of all the physics and talk…the answer.  This is a first rough sketch.  I just can’t resist…it seemed inappropriate for restraint of any sort…as affect and information are best kept in close proximity.  I will explain: 

The subject matter which we are all so deeply fascinated with is terribly specific and diverse.  However, a single idea can be found from which much of this complexity can be seen to revolve, revealing a single system.  That opinion around which the constellation of the sciences might turn in step, is the idea of “affect information.”  The assemblage of disciplines: Psychology, particle physics…neuroanatomy…are all connected here.  Here is the fundamental nexus which provides physical form and mental as well, from the sure knowledge that consciousness itself is dependent on the affective centers…think of the periaqueductal grey…and so, the physical is given form in turn…all as a function of affect and information becoming superposed.  There are a great many physics experiments demonstrating the same thing…what I call “temporal mass,” the alteration of probability outcomes by mentation…random event and number generators demonstrating nonrandom behavior…just as I had predicted…probability outcomes in variance as a function of mentation.  I hypothesized, this is not probability…no…this is the alteration of entangled connectivity.  The mind, the unconscious, serves to superpose the wave functions and alter to some degree the entangled relations associated with those wave functions…reality.  The experiments, in my opinion, leave little doubt as to the mechanism, which appears quite plainly to be a mental superposition of wave functions.  That changes the strength of entangled nonlocal structure.  Remember…entangled strength is seen most clearly in photons created to demonstrate the fact, but all objects can to a lesser or greater degree be thought of as entangled, and this measure of entangled relation is generally conceived as a variable scale spanning zero to one.  The mental superposition creates a partial strengthening of this entanglement…or lessening as the case may be.  Here is found the role of the observer in physics.  Please read the many essays available at on quantum experiment and temporal field theory.  I hypothesize from previous essays: This nonlocal patterning is brought to form by interference in the hippocampus (amongst many other pieces of tissue).  



So, remembering previous essays on the topics of quantum processes and affect…I may state, the entire of the wave particle duality and the role of the observer, the idea of mental illness and the role of repression, and all of manifest reality can then be subsumed under the incredibly simple equation: A = O.  Affect = Outcome.  The number of experiments which support the idea are substantial.  I submit that here, in this single equation we can distill the point and purpose of our evolution itself.  We are to unite affect and information…to create entanglements…to bloody well feel…and care for each other.  To feel…everything.  The physics demonstrates: we are to unite affect and information…to give form to the world by our entanglement.  Change the affect…change the outcome…psych and physics both!  A = O.  Perhaps affect, is the informational energetic lattice which distributes binding energy…and creates variance in physical form?  Temporal mass then, is simply as I suspected…entangled variation…variations in affective connection from superposition.  In the mind we have the wavefunction capable of entanglement.  A superposition is created, hence variance in affect information and so physical form too.  

This is the proper context for my notion of sublimation by integration, now so clear and plain…a direct unification of affect and information!––health!  This is our bellwether and under its guidance we can see the modern attitudes of concealment and competition, nationalism and secrecy…all competition and secrecy, is the opposite, the splitting of affect and information…anti-health…evolutionary backsliding.  We behave as competitors…as lower animals who consume their energies in struggle.  We should evolve as physics intends…not as secret keepers and nationalists…but as those who are able to grow toward a worthy future of caring and entanglement…where feeling itself…is rightly known as the source of thought! Our repressive punitive moral structure creates pathogenic libidinal repressions by separating the basic elements in question, separating affect, now unconscious, from consciousness and our perception of the world…splitting apart the basic fusion of health, and replacing the empathetic unity with an unhealthy and toxic fission ––a splitting apart of affect, libido, from what it powers, conscious perception…dividing the very atom of healthy consciousness.  Libido, raw undifferentiated feeling is more than just the combinative activations of the ARAS to create cortical tone (+ the BRAC cycle in my view)… it is the fuel of reality itself, of affect information!  Entanglement.  Empathy…is physics!  Do you see it?  

Here is a basic analysis of symbolism in reality creation as affect compounded with information. The visual input is an objective and valence neutral perceptive substrate: the image is information with no affect…that in turn is provided Quality mediated by the unconscious affective summing of long term memory from the neocortical store, alongside distributions of the limbic system (and feedback) as in cognitive neuroscience, and then, the BRAC cycle…waking REM…our protoconscious system…reality definition…perceptual quality instantly added as affective condensation takes place across these systems.  Only then when affect is bound to information is the information meaningful, symbolized and defined.  Ontological Reality = Symbolism.  Raw perception is information without affect…add affect, and create reality: affect information.  Please see or go to:, for substantiating text further defining aspects of affective assignment, in the context of neuroanatomy and symbolism.

Here is a basic preliminary analysis of quantum affect informational interactivity and evolution. Affect is associated not only in the neuro-anatomical sense with wave function or functions to be patterned and distributed via unconscious mentation, but also as a self-similar process in universal and micro-particulate interactivity and evolution as well.   That which is superposed and entangled is atemporal as the unconscious, a piece of compromise formation symbolism by close analogy.  Now, think of Bohmian mechanics where the “wave function,” the real pilot wave, which you now know is a piece of affect, travels before a manifest particle…the nonlocal interacting in a sort of “affective holography” as I will soon articulate…the nonlocal aspect…interferes with linear manifest reality (instantiated pre-codified [affect] information) and the interference pattern is to coin a term, the “uncertainty resolution information,” which guides the particle to its manifest position and perhaps also…its manifest form.  See The new Bohmian mechanics: an empirical approach to the quantum/psychical dynamic at  The affective…the pilot wave, interacts with the linear and manifest (codified information), all but exactly as in the psychology and anatomy of affective assignment mind you!…and this interaction gives structure and form to the information which then becomes manifest!  Affect interacts with reality, reality is information, and that reality is given evolutionary form: evolving affect information.  Affect stemming from the universal equivalent of the unconscious…the nonlocal, [where all is proximate, noncontradictory and atemporal, as in the unconscious], the pilot wave interacts with reality, codified information, and this, creates evolving affect information: the manifest particle and position as in a quantum double slit experiment.  A sort of affective mnemic holography.

I propose that the universal level of the fractal and the micro alike operate in exactly the same way.  [Remember: Logic is but an emergent systemic property of affective processing (Norman,  2013, The Ontology of Christopher Langan’s Psychical Physics: The Neuropsychology of the Atemporal Recursive Processes––an empirical framework available at: )!]   I had previously asserted that reality is the product of cross temporal cancellation, and now I see the matter a bit differently…it is a matter of interference produced between dynamic nonlocal atemporal elements (affect), and the current manifest temporal linear system (currently instantiated affect information) to produce an evolving affective informational holography.  (Think on one level of the pilot wave, which mediates nonlocal phenomenon [] interacting in a double slit experiment so as to define the consequent position of a particle  [] []). 


Note: as temporal/atemporal cross cancellation and compounding precedes particulate systemic expression, atemporal/temporal interactive cross cancellation and compounding (interference) affects linear systemic manifest evolution.  Perhaps as in the hippocampus (and certain sensory systems): These two elements, linear reality as manifest, and the atemporal mnemic (affective/unconscious) underpinnings, are related and interactive in close approximation to an evolving connectionist model of mnemic functioning, where reality is defined by a combinative and dynamic interaction between the various distributed elements.  Here, nonlocal (affective/mnemic/unconscious) information about states of systemic entanglement (weights) are adjusted with additional layers of chaotic superfluidic patterning created in present experience to take a page from fluid dynamics interpreted via Bohmian mechanics.  Even if you do not accept the interpretation of fluid dynamics I will state: As experience unfolds, the new patterning is added to the stored [manifest] information, and the result of the two interacting––the nonlocal and the linear manifestation––affect and information––are within the context of the fluctuating energy density of the vacuum (as the original holographic light source), the complete symbol made manifest: Reality––affect (nonlinear/unconscious) and linear representation (instantiated information) fused and fluid, an interactive recursive dynamic which is evolving––Reality: a highly efficient manifest encoding of a specific state of affective/mnemic processing itself: affect information. 


So, I will begin the change…I will not behave as an animal so covetous and bloody…so stupid and modern.  No.  I will freely give you these ideas…and ask you to know them…and have them.  I will start to trust…and you may spread this message without reserve.  I will behave like a human.  Not a greedy, inferior secret keeping animal of no worth.  I will tell you…there is hope, and that all the universe is as the heart of a real human…not a competitive ugly thing…so vile and treacherous…but something less modern and more evolved…the potential made real, not kept hidden in secret.  Here…know, there is hope, we can be honest, and care for each other…it is easy and natural.  Just remember this: A = O.  That is us.  Nothing could be so simple…as that.  


This work is the sole property of the author, Rich Norman © 2014 and is used by this forum with both permission and gratitude.