This work is an analysis of the international communist crisis in the length of time 1956-1966 with a particular focus on how the Italian Communist Party looked at the Chinese counterpart during the Sino-Soviet tension.

Great relevance is given to the major events that took place in those years and to the consequences they brought about both at the international and national level. 

This work is divided in five chapters. The first one deals with the most important events that took place in 1956, the starting point of this research, so that the reader can have a comprehensive understanding of the international situation. The second chapter probes the main reasons and main consequences of the international communist crisis. The third one investigates the length of time 1961-1963. The main focus of the fourth chapter is the relationship between the Chinese issue and the Euro communist project. At last, the fifth chapter will provide an insight on the PCI strategic decisions following the death of Togliatti, the best man.

This work is a comparative historical descriptive analysis of the three communist parties aforementioned: the PCI, the CCP and the USSR. The main purpose is to show the reasons of the Italian detachment from the USSR and its perception of the actions carried out by the Chinese communist party.