Chile, the last country in South America  balancing between the Cordillera de Los Andes and the Pacific Ocean, is certainly a strange country. Among the events that sometimes make us jump to the front pages of the world record, alas, there are the famous earthquakes that through time have changed the country, the landscape and its inhabitants leaving an atavistic terror that wakes up at any time.
In February 27, 2010 there was an earthquake of magnitude 8.8, the strongest since 1960. The epicenter was in the central region of Maule: 524 people die with a mega quake and ensuing tsunami in the south of the country.

At this point, the Corfo (Corporación de Fomento de la Producción) whose mission is to improve the competitiveness and diversification of production in the country, has succeeded in transforming the suffering and the insecurity created by the latest earthquake and created Start-Up Chile.
A program created by the Government of Chile, which seeks to attract early stage the high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap using Chile as a global platform. The ultimate goal of this program is to position Chile as the strongest hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America (to start) by providing the local economic ecosystem as a take-off platform for watching the planet.

On Monday, May 16, I attended the event organized by Innova Lazio SpA along with the Start-Up Chile, with the presence of ‘Ambassador of Chile in Italy, Dr. Fernando Ayala and presentation of Sofia D. Del Sante, Impact & Networks Director Start-Up Chile.
The presentation made by the young Del Sante was of great  impact both because of her enthusiasm and clarity that convinced widely the audience. (The whole event took place in English).

Photo di Maria Angelica Alvarez, addetto Stampa, Chilean Embassy

Indeed, Start-Up Chile is a reality that is walking fast, speddeily, which has already attracted entrepreneurs from around the world and has earned the position of being one of the world’s innovation hub and by far the most active of all Latin America.

The numbers speak for themselves, receiving at least between 200 to 250 companies each year from around the world, not only from Latin America, but also from the States, from Israel, from Afghanistan and there are already the Italian innovative companies that have successfully participated to their program. Indeed, it is not absolutely necessary to be Chilean to participate.

The key word is innovation, but not only, because the program also contemplates the transfering of know-how by employers directly to universities, companies, to the entire world production of the country. It means that companies that are selected to participate in the program and which are financed of the Government of Chile has the right / duty to become operational in the country with a period determined depending on the program used. This period is already having a considerable social impact that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in the best way.

Photo di Maria Angelica Alvarez, addetto Stampa, Chilean Embassy

One of the focus was women’s entrepreneurship, giving ample space to the women founders of start-ups, fully stimulate their work.


Photo di Maria Angelica Alvarez, addetto Stampa, Chilean Embassy

The examples are many, and they really are a resounding success, setting off a reaction that comes from the last geographic location of the southern hemisphere, and that we do not know where it will arrive.

Photo Start-Up Chile

To me it is more than enough to be able to say I am so proud to be Chilean, and I invite you to inform and participate in large numbers because they largely worth it !!!

Instead of changing the world through revolution,
we can change the world through #innovation