by Professor Robert Pope and Chris Degenhardt*
 A Science-Art Research Centre of Australia Incorporated publication as a contribution to Quantum Art International’s 21st Century Science-Art Renaissance


It is common knowledge that government appointed epidemiologists have identified a global epidemic of illusory optical information adversely affecting human evolution. They have no antidote. This epidemic is spread via mass produced information and communication devices, creating addicted users. However, obtaining the antidote to what is referred to as a global optical 3D epidemic, will require a rewriting of science as we know it.

In 2016 the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia in collaboration with Italian quantum biologists and Quantum Art International, discovered the antidote and Australia was internationally chosen to be the country to launch this discovery as an integral aspect of the 21st Century Renaissance. The Australian Government’s Ministry for Communication and the Arts was fully advised about this proposed Science-Art project but replied that all Science-Art grant applications must conform to the prevailing understanding of science. They refused to discuss the matter further. Subsequently, the antidote theory, together with associated artworks was awarded First Prize in an International Competition of Contemporary Art, sponsored by the World Fund for Arts in Moscow. In 2017 the President of that organisation established the Science-Art Research Project to develop a futuristic human survival technology in Russia.

Concern exists that if antidote information is fused with artificial intelligence already affected by the epidemic then a global catastrophe will occur. In 2017 two American Universities created a ‘Time Crystal’ demonstrating the idea that the Second Law of Thermodynamics must govern our understanding of reality is an optical 3D illusion. This provided credence to the growing scientific acceptance that we exist within a holographic universe.

The American researchers expressed their intention to use their new knowledge to develop aspects of artificial intelligence technology. However, that technology is infected by the global 3D epidemic and unless this is rectified in all its applications the outcome will be disastrous. The existing contaminated 3D illusion also underpins the Australian educational system which has already thrown itself into complete chaos. This worsening situation is constantly making media headlines, concerning severe emotional stress in which students express feelings of hopelessness.

In 1996 the late Dr of Telecommunication Engineering, Bert Cunnington of Griffith University, an advisor to a Australian Government’s Social Security Department, attempted to explain to the Government that its thermodynamic culture was taking Australia into its present state of financial and moral bankruptcy. This is made clear on pages 11 and 12 of the ANTIDOTE document

International scientists and artists associated with the human survival project considered the need to establish an independent Science-Art Funding Model beyond the limitations of the prevailing Second Law dominated culture. That obsolete law, demanding the destruction of all life in the universe, prevents obtaining the human survival blueprint. Once established, the new crucial Science-Art structure can freely disseminate solid evidence to prevent the global 3D epidemic from entering its terminal stage, providing the opportunity to develop the human survival technology.

In 1979 China’s most highly awarded scientist, Kun Huang, provided Australian Science-Art researchers with the secret to discover the existence of the life-force. He argued that if the nature of the life-force was discovered, modern science would not be able to comprehend its true meaning. During the 1980s Italy’s leading scientific journal, Il Nouvo Cimento, published the Australian papers leading to the discovery of the life-force. In 1990 the World’s largest technological research institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted it as one of important mathematical optical discoveries of the 20th Century, placing it alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick (1). Huang was correct, modern science was unable to grasp its fundamental 3D stereoscopic holographic message. Mainstream science continues to hold on to the limiting illusion that the Second Law of Thermodynamics reigns supreme in spite of recent revelations to the contrary. The Science-Art Centre’s use of living, infinite mathematical logic demonstrating that the evolutionary process is evolving to infinity rather than extinction, provided solid evidence negating the prevailing thermodynamic death culture.

The Australian experiment programmed ancient infinite harmonic mathematics into a computer to make precise drawings of seashell growth and development through 50 million years of evolution. The computer drawings matched exactly the geometrical simulations written into the seashell fossil record. Although the physical evidence was undeniable, modern thermodynamic science, believing that all life must become extinct, could not comprehend that the creatures within the seashell actually composed the infinite mathematical expressions.

Spiders demonstrate mathematical engineering knowledge when constructing webs, just as seashells do when building their shells. However, we know for certain that the mathematical engineering skills of the seashell life-forms are certainly associated with their infinite evolution. At the dawn of civilization in Mesopotamian Sumerian culture, the measurement of time on earth as a seven day week of 24 hours, each hour divided into 60 minutes, was invented by observing harmonic celestial movements. Their culture also provided the measurement of direction belonging to a circle containing 360 degrees. Both Sumerian time and direction mathematics were destined to become integral aspects of the exploration of countless galaxies spread throughout the universe. Most cosmologists now agree that our universe is infinite. So, how and why did two contrary sciences came into existence during the 21st Century?

The Sumerian tribal legal system of sexual mores demanded a vigorous emotional lust for warfare in order for that tribe to evolve under the existing ‘survival of the fittest’ paradigm, resulting in their worship of their goddess of sex and war, Inanna. Mothers wanting children to survive would have sought warrior family protection. Clay tablets record that under those conditions, access to infinity could only be authorized within a council of warring gods and goddesses. This divine mythological authority concerning the infinite, prevented mathematical investigation into the infinite nature of spiritual reality. Religious conflict erupted when a Sumerian god granted immortality during the Great Flood to a keeper of the Ark. Such infinity persuasions became basic to the structure of religions around the world, providing emotional causes to engage in ‘fight to the death’ struggles according to the ‘survival of the fittest’ law. For example the Viking civilisation’s god Odin’s Vahalla, the ‘Hall of the Fallen’ housed the dead deemed worthy of dwelling with him, death in battle being a passport to an infinite existence.

Following the Sumerian culture the Babylonian Kingdom developed its astrological science to be able to accurately predict eclipses, and Inanna became Ishtar, the goddess of prostitution and war. A clay tablet exists, written by a priest to the King of Babylon, predicting the 673 BC Lunar eclipse. The message was that the gods demanded that the people were to be terrorised by the eclipse and that a sexual frenzy for war was to be created to enlarge the boundaries of the Kingdom. The use of mathematical deceit (dysfunctional information) within ‘Tribal Science’ to create an emotional ‘survival of the fittest’ culture, became a medical problem during the 21st Century. DNA demonstrated that human tribes belonged to one single species, and a species dedicated to harming itself is a victim of some form of neurological cancer.

The Nobel Laureate, Szent Gyorgyi, Founder of the American National Cancer Research Foundation, in 1972 wrote a ‘Letter to Science’ about what he referred to as the Neolithic status of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. He considered that law by nature to be carcinogenic. He argued that science was governed by a misunderstanding, which would mean that the energies governing physical reality condemned all life to extinction, when in fact they actually entangled with living information in order to evolve universal consciousness.

Quantum biology cancer research shows that healthy living information in its entanglement with the energies of extinction, flows in the opposite direction to the extinction law. From the perspective of a 3D optical mathematics being used to discover the life-force governing seashell evolution, the concept of a holographic universe warrants urgent investigation in order to generate a pragmatic life survival blueprint, not just for seashell life forms but for the betterment of the global human condition.

The mathematician, Georg Cantor, arguably one of the greatest mathematicians of all time, offended fellow scientists and religious organizations with his theories providing humanity with mathematical access to infinity. Eventually his theories were fully accepted. His summation of his infinite set theory expressed a concept that is fundamental to the functioning of a holographic universe:
A set is a Many that allows itself to be thought of as a One“. Cantor wrote a diagnosis of science that is compatible with Szent-Gyorgyi’s ‘Letter to Science’. He wrote that the modern scientific mind was “inhabited by a myopic fear of infinity”, preventing it from evolving within an infinite universe.

“Time crystal”

In order to complete quantum mechanics it must become compatible with infinite fractal logic being an integral aspect of living information, rather than denying that this is possible. In order to better associate the functioning of a holographic universe with the structure of quantum mechanics we can begin with the lesser known theories about gravitational force as understood by Isaac Newton.

It is accepted that the guidelines controlling quantum mechanics are scientifically correct and apply to all of material reality. Newton however, held that the universe contained an infinite living consciousness and that “the mechanical description of the universe had to be completed by a more profound natural philosophy of science based upon the principles of particles in motion” (2). Furthermore, within his published ‘28th Query Discussions’, Isaac Newton stated that ancient Greek science provided the authoritative explanation that the mass of bodies in space was “certainly” not the first cause of gravitational force. He argued that philosophers of science who insisted otherwise were “pretentious scholars“. This information, offensive to the Christian Church of his time, nonetheless challenges the false assumption that Newton held gravitational force was first caused by the mass of objects. This evidence concerning such serious irregularities within the so called logical development of quantum mechanics is therefore of crucial importance.

During the 17th Century both Newton and his contemporary, Gottfried Leibniz, independently invented calculus. Leibniz’s calculus was used in deriving Michael Talbot’s concepts within his book The Holographic Universe  in 1991, which completely challenges Western Science’s concepts of reality. We can therefore consider that Newton’s infinite universal movement concepts merge with Cantor’s conviction concerning a mathematics belonging to an infinite holographic universe. The previously mentioned cancer research discovery that healthy optical information flows counter-wise to the energies of extinction reveals that our thermodynamic culture has a serious 3D information problem. That this epidemic is related to the deceitful use of mathematics within the ancient Babylonian legal system used to control the populace, was noted by the ‘Champion of American democracy’, Ralph Waldo Emerson. He led the Transcendentalist Movement of the mid-19th Century, arguing that the plunging of the American people into perpetual financial debt by Plutocratic government administration could be resolved by new technologies associated with Sanskrit mathematics taking the living process to infinity. Emerson anticipated the work of Jacques Derrida (Emerson, Ralph Waldo | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy). Derrida’s holographic universe theories are referred to in Talbot’s book ‘The Holographic Universe’.

Plutocracies – government by the wealthy, need to employ financial manipulation as weapons to protect the people they represent from falling victim to foreign ideologies. Deceitful mathematics within the global stock markets are designed to create states of national bankruptcies using dysfunctional economic scientific theories. Such activities within ‘Tribal Science’ representing states of national or tribal security focus upon the evolution of weapons. This then generates emotions belonging to the ‘survival of the fittest’ concept. From the perspective within a holographic universe, the astute business-like expertise of the Plutocrats becomes an essential logic to be programmed within a computer to entangle with the living antidote information in order to generate human survival blueprint simulations for the betterment of the human condition. Access to infinite wealth will be far greater than the past continual creation and destruction that accompanies the cycles of the Neolithic thermodynamic culture, also expressed in the boom and bust cycles of the manipulated stock market. A simple explanation of how the general principle causing the existing 3D global epidemic can be balanced in order to bring about dependable and sustainable human survival technology is feasible.

The Australian Government collects considerable revenue from deceitful mathematics associated with artistic sound and colour vibrations programmed into poker machines, designed to create heroin-like addictions potentially bringing about personal financial and moral bankruptcies. We can imagine an electromagnetic arm reaching into the player’s mind and turning on the appropriate addiction mechanisms. This idea is similar to how the 3D global epidemic transmits its damaging information from the mass production of dysfunctional communication and information devices associated with the frenzy of the gambling casino of the stock market. Scientists associated with research into the nature of the holographic universe generally concede that no observable evidence exists from which to develop spiritual technologies to correct this problem. This is a mistake.


Many neurological researchers understand a great deal about how such activity prevents the stereoscopic 3D evolution of consciousness within a holographic universe to follow its infinite mathematical purpose. They cannot locate visual evidence allowing them to methodically construct the human survival technology. However, the recently discovered antidote to the 3D epidemic discovery does supply such crucial evidence. Newton’s Laws of Motion state ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’ and this also applies to the electromagnetic force causing the global 3D stereoscopic epidemic. In order to grasp the nature of the balancing force it is necessary to provide a clear understanding of what holds the structure of quantum mechanical physical reality together. Then we need to provide a scientific understanding about the nature of what can be referred to as spiritual holographic reality. Having done this then the interaction of both realities that evolve universal consciousness falls readily into place.

The idea of symmetry is consistent with the harmonious and well balanced appearance of beauty belonging to physical forms. The involvement of emotional sexual appetite makes this a profound heartfelt aspect associated with the process of tribal evolution. Asymmetrical forms are associated with unbalanced so called spiritual forces that also play a profound role associated with tribal emotional evolution. Both symmetry and asymmetry have electromagnetic properties within the functioning of a holographic universe. Symmetrical concepts control the scientific understanding of the functioning of the quantum mechanistic reality. However, the functioning of spiritual reality is seen to belong to non-scientific religious superstitions instead of any asymmetrical force field activity.

However, quantum biologists have linked asymmetrical electromagnetic properties to the evolutionary living process. The asymmetrical force, which functions beyond the laws of prevailing science appears to control the existence of symmetrical physical reality. Philosophers of science, politics, religion, music, art, economics, law, etc, have written volumes regarding profound research into the electromagnetic difference between good and evil associated with the evolutionary entanglement of symmetrical and asymmetrical forces. The asymmetrical electromagnetic forces now appear to entangle with the electromagnetic symmetrical physical reality in order to allow universal consciousness to evolve. Rather than attempt to refer to such mountains of complex research, it is possible to clarify its crucial social significance in a simple but nonetheless scientific explanation.

The philosopher and mathematician, Plato (427-347BC), considered symmetrical geometries upheld the concept of aesthetically pleasing artistic beauty. However, he also reasoned that this artistic appreciation lacked an ethical artistic wisdom. In his
The Republic’ a science that considered all knowledge to be represented by an optical illusion of reality would cause the destructive ‘Evil’ of unformed matter within the atom to emerge and destroy civilization. He proposed a ‘Science for ethical ends’
belonging to an eternal cosmos, to prevent that happening. Quantum mechanics became the science of extinction because it denied evolution to embrace the beauty of infinite artistic wisdom. Plato’s philosophy contains flaws but his prediction of the emergence of nuclear destruction in association with the demonising of artistic appreciation now warrants urgent attention.

Within Plato’s conversation between Socrates and Ion about the demonisation of artistic rhetoric, the electromagnetic properties of magnets are used to explain the symmetrical artistic commitment to destruction. Plato proposes the future existence of a spiritual artistic wisdom to remedy this problem. The philosopher, Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), used the difference between aesthetics as artistic appreciation and artistic wisdom in order to provide the foundation for the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science. His research into Plato’s ethical science concluded that Plato was referring to an asymmetrical electromagnetic field evolving within the creative artistic mind, belonging to the workings of an infinite universe. Charles Steinmetz, founder of the asymmetrical electromagnetic research basic to the physical development of the electric power industry in the USA, wrote that asymmetrical “spiritual” technology would be superior to the physical one he was paid to invent.

The philosopher, Professor Timothy Morton at Rice University, Texas, in his paper ‘Art In The Age of Asymmetry’ on page 135 under the heading ART AS A DEMONIC FORCE refers to Art in the Asymmetric Phase as being the channeling of a demonic force. His reference to Plato’s search for an evolving spiritual artistic wisdom is about asymmetrical living information from a nonhuman cosmic microwave environment influencing the evolution of consciousness. His conception of the electromagnetic wave structure entangling with the reality of quantum mechanics symmetrical structure, echoes similar research conclusions by many physicists. The journal of philosophy that published his astute reasoning, ‘Eventual  Aesthetics’ , appears to reflect the commonly held concept that aesthetics can change its form to become ethical. Kant’s basis to the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science depicted ethical artistic wisdom as a separate entity to aesthetics and this suggests that a twofold line of neurological research is needed to outline the structure of the future human survival blueprint.

Plato’s axiom that all is geometry applies to the concept of an omni-geometrical explanation for an evolving form of universal consciousness. According to the physicist John Archibald Wheeler, reality can only be established if there is a universal knowledge field. The antidote to the global epidemic of dysfunctional information is one in which human survival information becomes a common language across all of the scientific disciplines. David Bohm considered that such information belonged to the functioning of a holographic universe.

In 2009 Simon Schnoll, a former Head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Biophysics Laboratory, was awarded a Gold Medal Laureate by the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science in London, for measuring subatomic electromagnetic messages from space providing the intuitive mathematics for determining calendar time on earth. In 2010 the mathematical physicist, Professor Diego Lucio Rapoport, received his Laureate award for developing a unified geometrical theory of spacetime, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, including knowledge of both symmetrical and asymmetrical reality. His discovery of the cosmological location and the geometrical structure associated with the fundamental geometry for evolving consciousness is associated with his
 “Holography displayed at a cosmological level”. Rapoport’s ability to relate this human survival information to relevant DNA functioning as an integral aspect of the evolution of asymmetrical stereoscopic vision is brilliant. It is undoubtedly a major contribution to the development of Steinmetz’s crucial spiritual electromagnetic technology for the future betterment of the human condition.

Plato’s writings have been studied intensively for over two thousand years. Within the 21st Century, a scientific perspective of how, within a holographic universe, asymmetrical electromagnetic information entangling with physical symmetrical reality to evolve universal consciousness has emerged. Quantum biology cancer research understands that healthy living information flows in the opposite direction to the energies associated with our understanding of physical reality. That knowledge is completely compatible with the aforementioned founder of the American National Cancer Research Foundation, the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, whose work led to the discovery of the antidote to the 3D global dysfunctional information epidemic.
In Science-Art research it becomes the role of the artist to produce the scientific evidence that some scientists seek to make visible, in order to make possible the development of holographic human survival technology. The pioneering genius in this case was the artist, Salvador Dali, who proclaimed that paintings contained invisible stereoscopic messages. The present twelvemonth exhibition at the Dali Stereoscopic Museum in Spain of his 3D paintings was an attempt at making the holographic message visible. The Science-Art Research Centre of Australia has replaced Dali’s use of two adjacent paintings to depict the crucial stereoscopic message by viewing art through patented Asymmetrical Electromagnetic Stereoscopic 3D viewing glasses :

Minute artificial holograms are today being constructed and manipulated to optically transmit complex symmetrical information in the development of new technologies that are accelerating the global 3D epidemic well beyond the illusory shadows of Plato’s prediction of nuclear disaster.

By viewing single paintings through patented Asymmetrical Stereoscopic 3D glasses it is now possible to depict extremely complex holographic images interlocking with each other, further developing Dali’s genius prediction. This provides the visible evidence that scientists were searching for concerning the balancing entanglement of thermodynamic extinction energies with living information. This is an aspect of the artistic wisdom in the form of an equal and opposite reaction to the functioning of the prevailing 3D epidemic. Such evidence belongs to Immanuel Kant’s evolving ethical artistic asymmetrical electromagnetic field evolving universal consciousness.

The creation of ‘Time Crystals’ by two American Universities as mentioned above and their intention to further develop artificial intelligence within the limitations of that culture, caused considerable concern. It was agreed that an art funding model, independent of the thermodynamic culture’s extinction laws, be established to provide human survival information for the sustainable development of the World Fund for Arts initiative in Russia.

To that end, eminent scientists and artists around the world agreed to provide a stereoscopic 3D message collection of artwork honouring the pioneering work of Salvador Dali. This collection would be located within an appropriate venue dedicated to Dali’s contribution to the 21st Century’s futuristic Human Survival Renaissance. All proceeds after maintenance and promotion of the venue would be allocated to Szent-Gyorgyi’s new science to find the cure for cancer as outlined in his 1972 ‘Letter to Science’.

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