The Industrial Society undergoes to an irreversible collapse difficult to avoid, if we do not propose to accelerate the strategic development of the new culture of the society based on ‘shared knowledge, of the bio-economy (KBBE = Knowledge Based Bio-Economy). In that Knowledge society the innovation takes value in the new creative aims to develop cross-disciplinary teams in science art and humanism. (1) In this context, the future of society, requires us to develop a consciously rethink about the limits of science and innovation that was considered valid in the conceptual sphere of the obsolescent industrial society and in the classical mechanistic culture of industrial production. In fact the consequences of that “uneconomic growth” became today clearly evident and this determines the end of the industrial production model, based on the exponential increase in the consumption of energy and of non-renewable materials, which generates an irreversibly polluting of the environment by altering the earth’s climate and reducing the bio-diversity of life.(2)



The alarm oriented to avoid the path of social and economic catastrophe that is emerging with the current structural economic crisis, in truth it was several times highlighted by many scientists. Among them the Nobel Prize in chemistry (1997) Ilya Prigogine put out that the linearly predictable self-destruction of living systems could be changed only by understanding the “End of certainties”, falsely induced by mechanical reductionism of science, conceptually acquired as fundamental part of the culture of industrial society. In fact, due to the persistence of a linear economy of an unlimited economic progress and also following an absurd conception of liberal socio-economics, based on competitiveness of firm and on the exponential increase in financial gain, etc .. …. the fatal impact of the disaster socio-economic industrial-world is rapidly approaching. A reversal of this trend will not be possible if we do not give rise to a significant rethinking of science and technology, able to create and promote a new profile for Science and Innovation.(3)
The economic and financial crisis, and the growing world population, climate change, and the increasing automation, seen in relation to changes in the work, and the scarcity of natural resources (food, water, land, energy), … etc.  they are essential factors that require rethinking of the development of industrial society, making a more elevated and conscious “socialization of science and technology,” as a key strategic potential of substantial change in trans-disciplinary and multi-actor of the Bio-Economy. This must pursue policies of growth focused on “qualitative rather than “quantitative” criteria, which therefore will no longer be thinkable as unlimited progress. Researcher and companies managers need to become active in order to acquire the actual more elevated size of the creative social, economic and cultural development looking to an disruptive alternative of post-industrial development, capable of achieving sustainable innovation of the future knowledge society.(4)
Taking into account the previous synthetic considerations EGOCREANET, (NGO / BUSINESS INCUBATOR -UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE IT) aims to make a contribution to the HORIZON program on “SCIENCE FOR SOCIETY for ACHIEVING responsible RESEARCH AND INNOVATION” with a project called “Quantum Creativity” comprehensive of an strategic approach to policy development and social innovation. (5)

Therefore, you all are invited to participate in the SIS-RRI ‘event in ROME (19-21 NOV.2014). Also, as President of EGOCREANET I hope to find in you a potential co-operation partners of the Open Community on “QUANTUM CREATIVITY” and also partners or stakeholders of the project (QUASSI) on “Quantum Art, Science for Social Innovation”. (5 ‘) SEE info on FACEBOOK:

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